Praise for American Astrophilately
2014 Winner: Vermeil Medal
PhilaKOREA 2014 World Stamp Exhibition

“... an engaging work ... supported by a powerful CD.”

13th New Zealand National Philatelic Literature Exhibition (March 2013)
“Best book on Astrophilately ever written.”

Cheryl Ganz
National Postal Museum (June 2011)
“David Ball’s book … is one few aspiring
astrophilatelists should be without.”

Jim Reichman
Airpost Journal (Aug 2010)
“This is a book that should be read by all
aspiring Astrophilately FIP exhibitors.”

The London Philatelist (May 2011)
“The most comprehensive guide to this area of philately .... An indespensible resource for collectors ... particularly those who are interested in competing in international exhibitions.”

Chris Gainor
Quest (Fall 2011)
"It is our conviction that a copy should
be included in all philatelic libraries."

George Griffenhagen
Topical Time (Aug 2010)
“Too valuable a resource to pass up,
especially for committed astrophilatelists.”

Jim Reichman
Orbit (June 2010)
“An extraordinary contribution to the field.”

Don Boggs
Boggs Spacebooks
“One impressive book, and one
well worth getting your hand on.”

Colin Burgess
Into that Silent Sea
“This is a terrific book!”

Chris Calle
Space artist
“If you are interested in collecting
U.S. space covers, this is a ‘must have’ book.”

Bonny Farmer
American Philatelist (Sept 2010)

“I would highly recommend this book to
all astrophilatelists to add to their space library.”

John Macco

Astrophile (Jan-Apr 2010)

  “A good basic reference book.”

Charles J. Vukotich, Jr.
Space Unit, Associate Editor
(Jan-Apr 2010)
“... a remarkable resource on astrophilately.
Collectors will find this a valued addition to their library.”

Alan Warren
Universal Ship Cancellation Society (Sept 2011)