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2014-1 PSR: Soviet and Russian
Space-Support Ship Covers and Cachets
(294 pgs with CD-ROM)

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James G. Reichman
While living in Florida in the mid-1950s Jim Reichman became interested in spaceflight. This interest was certainly inspired by rocket launches at nearby Cape Canaveral but also included the space exploits of the Soviet Union half a world away.

Commissioned an Air Force officer and assigned to the Space Defense Center, Colorado Springs, Colorado in April 1967 Jim trained and served in positions requiring skills in orbital analysis, space surveillance, space object identification (using radar), and on-orbit satellite control.

He spent 20 years in the USAF on operational crews in Colorado Springs, Alaska, and Australia and staff positions at the Space Defense Center, Headquarters Air Force Space Command, and at the satellite development facilities in Los Angeles run by Space Division. Key staff positions he held included Chief of Satellite Classification and Mission Identification Branch, Chief of the Space Requirements and Test Branch, and Deputy Director of Space Division’s Intelligence Directorate.

After retiring from the USAF in 1987, Jim went to work as a Senior Systems Analyst for the Science Applications and International Corporation (SAIC). This second spaceflight career with SAIC included contractor positions supporting Air Force Space Command by analyzing and advising the Air Force on space requirements related to the Consolidated Space Operations Center, the Space Defense Operations Center, and the Automated Remote Tracking System.

Jim started writing and publishing articles about Soviet spaceflight collecting interests in 1975 and has published articles in US and worldwide journals including The Astrophile (journal of the Space Unit), Linn’s Stamp News, Rossica Journal (journal of the Rossica Society), Orbit (journal of the Astro Space Stamp Society), Topical Time (journal of the American Topical Association), Nieuwsbrief (Journal of the Ruimtevaart Filatelie Club in the Netherlands), and Ad Astra (journal of the Italian Astrophilately Society).

After spending 35 years working spaceflight-related positions, Jim fully retired in 2002. He lives with his wife in Mesa, Arizona and enjoys working on genealogy and cosmic-philately hobbies.

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PSR 2015-2

Commemorative Space Covers from the Kiev Collector Clubs 1959-1989 (295 pgs)


PSR 2015-2

Commemorative Space Covers from the Kiev Collector Clubs 1959-1989 (CD-ROM ONLY)


PSR 2015-1

Soviet Space-Related Miniature Sheets 1957-1991 (CD-ROM ONLY)


PSR 2013-1

Space-Related Soviet Special Postmarks from 1958-1991, Volumes 1 & 2 (998 pgs). CD-ROM included


PSR 2013-1

Space-Related Soviet Special Postmarks from 1958-1991, Volumes 1 & 2 (CD-ROM ONLY)


PSR 2012-4

Soviet and Russian Philatelic Items Related to Dogs in Space (CD-ROM ONLY)


PSR 2012-3

Standard Postmarks from the Baikonur Cosmodrome (CD-ROM ONLY)


PSR 2012-2

Commemorative Space Covers from the Minsk Collector Club, 1957 to 1982 (258 pgs). CD-ROM included


PSR 2012-1

Soviet Space Covers Related to the First Cosmonautics Day (161 pgs). CD-ROM included

$34.95 here

PSR 2011-3

Checklist of Soviet Philatelic Items Related to Conquerors of the Cosmos Monument (CD-ROM ONLY)


PSR 2011-2

(updated) Tartu Space Club Covers, 1962 to 1978 (749 pgs - two volumes). CD-ROM included


PSR 2011-2

(updated) Tartu Space Club Covers, 1962 to 1978 Volumes 1 & 2 (CD-ROM ONLY)


PSR 2011-1

Soviet Postcards with Cosmonaut Portraits 1961-1982 (652 pgs). CD-ROM included


PSR 2009-2

Space-Related Official First Day Envelopes Produced by the Ministry of Communications of the USSR, 1968 to 1991 (310 pgs). CD-ROM included


PSR 2009-1

Russians on the Moon and Philatelic Issues Related to Them (CD-ROM ONLY)


PSR 2008-2

Commemorative Space Covers from Collector Clubs of the Soviet Union 1957 to 1980 (440 pgs). CD-ROM included


PSR 2007-2

Checklist of Russian Philatelic Items Related to K. E. Tsiolkovski (Updated) (CD-ROM ONLY)


PSR 2007-1

Kniga First Day Covers with Space Symbolics (275 pgs). CD-ROM included


PSR 2006-1

Unstamped Russian Envelopes with Space Symbolics (422 pgs). CD-ROM included


PSR 2005-1

Soviet New Year's Issues Related to Spaceflight (274 pgs). CD-ROM included