American Astrophilately

Inside the Book

In 70 years we traveled from Kitty Hawk to the Moon. By the end of the second half of the 20th Century America had broken the sound barrier and built rockets to orbit the globe. This uniquely American story of the conquest of space is traced by stamp collectors who enjoy aerospace history. By exhibiting envelopes that are postmarked near launch pads, mission control centers, and on recovery ships Astrophilatelists tell an amazing tale of new sailing ships on a vast new ocean.


American Astrophilately assists both beginner and advanced collectors in identifying envelopes which meet the International Philatelic Federation (FIP) guidelines for exhibition for United States material at stamp shows. Several experts have contributed articles to explain NASA Official marks, tracking ships, prime recovery ships, and why some postmarks are preferred over others. The second part shows hundreds of envelopes in full color appropriate for exhibition. The artist responsible for the cachets is also identified. The following part shows the most important part of space event covers – the postmark. Machine and hand cancels from launch, mid-mission and recovery forces are shown from the Explorer 1 launch in 1958 through the X-Prize winning civilian spaceflight in 2004.


The appendices are chock-full of useful reference spreadsheets, lists, and charts. Sample award winning exhibits are included as well as guidelines and regulations from the FIP and US Postal Service. A landmark volume useful to all space event cover collectors and budding astrophilatelists.