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Ed Hengeveld - Space Paintings

Art prints, framed prints and canvas prints are available for purchase from the artist.

Dutch painter Ed Hengeveld was born in 1956 and has been fascinated with space exploration since the Apollo-8 mission around the moon in 1968. Watching the moon landings live on television, he started collecting newspaper and magazine articles on the subject. Over the years that grew into an extensive photo archive of all US manned space flights, from Mercury through the International Space Station.

In 1981 Hengeveld was at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida to witness the launch of STS-1 and he was also present at the Dryden Flight Research Center when Columbia landed there two days later. While at Dryden, he also met various people involved in the X-15 and lifting body programs, resulting in a special interest in this area of flight research.

In his youth Hengeveld always enjoyed drawing, mostly portraits. In the early 1990s this gradually developed into painting, especially scenes from the Apollo program. He paints purely as a hobby and never followed any lessons. He was inspired by artists like Robert McCall and Paul Calle and developed his own style over the years. His paintings have been published in various magazines around the world and his portrait of the twelve moonwalkers earned him praise from Apollo-12 lunar module pilot Al Bean, who is an artist himself. Various astronauts own portraits of themselves, painted by Ed Hengeveld. Among them are Dick Covey, John Glenn, Story Musgrave, Charlie Duke and Al Worden.

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Art Print / MINI (8" x 10")


Gemini VIII PRS with hand-painted artwork


Enos orbiting monkey flight hand-painted



Dramatic capture of Discoverer capsule by C-119, hand-painted



Apollo 11 astronauts await recovery from USS Hornet, hand-painted


Apollo 11 KSC Official with hand-painted art


Stunning original art on Gagarin launch cover


Unusual optical tracking cachet on KSC Official Apollo 11 launch cover


RARE October 4, 1957 (First day of space age) on oversized IGY cover


Original plywood wingless lifting body, first flight hand-painted


PAFB launch cancel for Gus Grissom's Mercury flight, hand-painted recovery scene


A heck of a big leap
Art Print / MEDIUM (21" x 17")


Galileo's Experiment
Framed Art Print / Vector Black MINI (10" x 12")


Geologist's Paradise
Canvas Print / SMALL (17" x 13")