American Astrophilately

Award-Winning Exhibits by David S.Ball
Americans in Space
2011 APS AmeriStamp Expo, Charleston, SC, Silver Award
2014 TEXPEX Vermeil Award
2014 Machine Cancel Society Award
2014 Ephemera Society of America Award
2013 BALPEX Gold Medal
2011 Space Unit Gold Medal
2011 APS - Award of Excellence (1940-1980)
2011 NAPEX Gold Medal
2011 United States Stamp Society Award

Around the World in 26 Days
The Dustin Trans-Polar Flight (Nov 8 - Dec 3, 1968)
2013 BALPEX Vermeil Award

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In Their Prime
New York, NY
2006 Viewer's Choice Award
70 Years of Flight: Kitty Hawk to the Moon
2001 CHICAGOPEX Bronze Award
Of Ice and Men
Byrd Antarctic Expeditions I-V
2013 BALPEX Silver Bronze Award
American Astrophilately
The conquest of space as told through postage stamps

Lindbergh Flies the Mail: 1926-1931
2015 BALPEX Vermeil Award

Other Astrophilately Exhibits
From the Beginning of Space Exploration to Space Mail
Beatrice Bachmann
Development of the United States Lunar Exploration
Reuben Ramkissoon
From Rocket Mail to Space Mail
Walter Hopferwieser